About Me

I’m Kate, a high school humanities teacher currently on hiatus. I’ve committed to being a stay-at-home mom for the next few years, but I still sneak in a bit of writing and educational consulting on the side. An ELCA Lutheran, I view my religion as A Truth, rather than The Truth. In most areas of my life–including on the faith front–I generally have more questions than answers.

Mr. M,  my other half, is a fun and funny fellow who works in information technology. He’s also a private and introverted agnostic bearing a strong skepticism towards all organized religion. That said, we found a congregation that matches our shared values. I take the kids for Sunday worship, he gets a rare break to eat waffles and play video games in peace. Win-win!

Big Sister is our highly verbal, emotional, loving, and curious 5-year-old. These tendencies are both wonderful (the snuggling!) and awful (the whining). A social butterfly, Sis is counting down the days until kindergarten starts. However, she also needs a daily dose of alone time and is perfectly content to sit and watch birds in our backyard. Her hobbies include baking, doing science experiments, and reading.

Little Brother adores water and tries to join every bath and shower in his vicinity. His main joy in life is eating, and for such a little guy he’s got an adventurous palate and big appetite. This physical child loves tickle fighting, snuggling, and (unfortunately) pinching. We are definitely working on that last one! Little Brother is 2 and a half.


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